Smoker's lines, Genève

With time, the smoker's lines appear giving a crumpled and cracked appearance to the lips.

These wrinkles are also called barcode lines. Several vertical wrinkles, located next to each other, causing a cracked appearance of the mouth, are imprinted on the upper white lip and give rise to the solar pleat. It then becomes difficult to mask it with lipstick.

The CLEAGE center will allow you, thanks to several techniques of aesthetic medicine, to correct smoker's lines.


Causes / contributing factors

They are mainly due to repeated contractions of the orbicularis muscle of the lips. A refinement of the lips over time accentuates their depth and aggravates existing skin fractures.


In cases of severe smoking and intense sun exposure, the speed of appearance of these wrinkles and their intensity are accentuated due to a lack of hydration and accelerated skin aging.



To erase the signs of perioral aging, CLEAGE doctors will analyze your face and mouth to propose the most appropriate treatment.


  • In case of very pronounced wrinkles, injections of hyaluronic acid using the "wrinkle by wrinkle" method will be carried out.

  • The use of Skinbooster (hyaluronic acid coupled with natural anti-oxidant molecules (vitamin C, vitamin E...) as a topping with a cannula can be done at the same time to correct the progressive dehydration of the skin. The Skinbooster will thus provide a mattress of hyaluronic acid for the white lip to obtain a complete and natural result.

  • For an optimal result, the treatment of the lip contour, or hem, via hyaluronic acid injections is often performed, allowing to reduce the height of the white lip, which lengthens with aging. The mouth regains its natural shape thanks to an enhanced curve. The smoker's lines have then disappeared. The treatment of the middle third of the face, in particular, the cheekbones and the tear throughs will allow superior support, decreasing the smoker's lines without injection. It is very often recommended to treat these areas at the same time as the injections of the perioral wrinkles. The duration of the session is from 30 minutes to 1 hour to regain a natural and rejuvenated mouth. The duration of results for hyaluronic acid injections is 4 to 6 months. As the mouth is a highly mobile area, where forces of contraction and stretching are present, the holding power of hyaluronic acid is reduced compared to other treatment areas. As with all injections, bruising may occur for a few days. Slight reactive edema may occur for 48-72 hours, corresponding to the inflammation caused by the passage of the cannula or needle. The treatment of this area is perfectly comfortable, because a cannula is most often used (to limit bruising and achieve a homogeneous hyaluronic acid coating), and a local anesthetic in the hyaluronic acid syringes.

  • To increase the duration of the results, an association with other techniques is often recommended. If the crumpled appearance predominates, treatment with LUTRONIC Genius radiofrequency may be considered. The LUTRONIC Genius radiofrequency will stimulate the deep layers of the skin and lead to the natural production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid fibers to fight against superficial wrinkles, skin loosening, and thus restore the skin's perfect tone. 3 to 4 sessions spaced one month apart are sufficient to reduce skin loosening. Slight redness and slight edema that can be perfectly masked are present for 48 hours and disappear spontaneously. Radiofrequency sessions are to be carried out at a distance of 3 weeks from the injections.

  • Genius sessions can be combined with the LUTRONIC Lase® non-ablative fractional laser to perform the Total Skin Solution for absolute treatment.

  • As an alternative, a medium (ZO 3 step peel or TCA) or deep (Control Depth Blue Peel by ZO) peel treatment or the CO2 laser will smooth the skin's surface.

The esthetic physicians at the CLEAGE center will advise you on the best treatment strategy to adopt to treat this sun crease.


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