Neck and cleavage lines, Genève

Dare to display the sensuality of your neck and cleavage

Necklines are wrinkles that are most often horizontal as opposed to cleavage lines that are often vertical. The CLEAGE center will sublimate your neck thanks to different techniques of aesthetic medicine.


Causes / contributing factors

Necklines are mainly secondary to the contractions of the neck muscle called the platysma.

Cleavage lines appear as a result of skin loosening and lack of skin hydration.

All these wrinkles are aggravated by sun exposure and active smoking. They are often associated with dermatological disorders (sunspots, redness, etc.).


To reduce necklines, the CLEAGE center's doctors will perform injections of weakly cross-linked hyaluronic acid, "line by line" to achieve an optimal result. Results last on average 6 to 9 months for the "line by line" neck treatment. The injection session lasts on average 30 minutes.


Fine injections of botulinum toxin may be combined during the consultation to reduce the platysma cords of the neck and to sublimate this area.


The treatment of superficial loosening of the skin of the neck (wrinkled aspect) will be carried out using LUTRONIC's Genius radiofrequency. An absolute reference in the treatment of loosening skin, LUTRONIC's Genius radiofrequency will stimulate the deep layers of the skin and lead to the natural production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid fibers to fight against superficial wrinkles and the wrinkled appearance. It will thus restore the skin's perfect tone.
3 to 4 sessions spaced one month apart is enough to reduce loosening skin.
Slight redness and slight edema can be present for 48 hours and then disappear spontaneously.
Radiofrequency sessions are to be carried out at a distance of 3 weeks from the injections.


For the treatment of cleavage lines, repeated injections of Skinbooster will improve the hydration of the skin and its wrinkled appearance.
The number of Skinbooster is dependent on the intensity of the lack of hydration and varies between 2 to 3 sessions spaced 3 months apart, at a rate of two Skinbooster at each session for the treatment of the décolleté because of the large treatment surface.

As with all injection sessions, bruising may occur for a few days. A very slight reactive edema may occur for 48-72 hours, corresponding to the inflammation caused by the passage of the cannula or needle. The treatment of this area is perfectly comfortable, because a cannula is most often used (to limit bruising and to achieve a homogeneous hyaluronic acid coating), and a local anesthetic in the hyaluronic acid syringes of the CLEAGE center.

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