Mental Crease, Genève

The mental crease is a static wrinkle (present at rest) located under the lower lip. This wrinkle can deepen very intensely and create an unattractive gap with the chin.


Causes / contributing factors

It is caused by an excessive contraction of the chin muscle (also called mentalis) which causes an upward pull on the chin and lower lip.

A loss of volume, especially in the chin area will accentuate this wrinkle, creating the gap between the chin and the rest of the mouth.


An injection of hyaluronic acid will erase this wrinkle and fill in the loss of chin volume.

Relaxation of the chin muscle by botulinum toxin can be combined to maximize the results. The mental crease disappears, and the lower part of the face becomes smoother.
The duration of results for hyaluronic acid injections on the mental crease is 6 to 9 months, unlike all botulinum toxin injections where the result lasts an average of 6 months.


Other hyaluronic acid injections are proposed with mental crease treatment such as the projection of a receding chin and the alignment of the oval of the face. This complementary treatment is part of the CLEAGE Center's Contouring and Profiloplasty injection strategies.
As with all injections, bruising may occur for a few days. Slight reactive edema may occur for 48-72 hours, corresponding to the inflammation caused by the passage of the cannula or needle.

The treatment of this area is perfectly comfortable, because a cannula is most often used (to limit bruising and achieve a homogeneous hyaluronic acid coating), and a local anesthetic in the hyaluronic acid syringes.


The CLEAGE center advises you to browse through the needs and solutions tabs of the site to have the most precise information on the choice of your treatment technique.


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