Expression lines, Genève

Erase your expression lines

Expression wrinkles are dynamic wrinkles that appear when muscles contract.

Emotions (joy, anger, sadness, astonishment...) involve facial mimics responsible for the creation of these wrinkles. Over time, these wrinkles become more and more pronounced, resulting in real folds or furrows.

Aesthetic medicine and in particular the use of botulinum toxin will help prevent and erase these expression lines.

The expertise and know-how of CLEAGE doctors will guarantee a perfectly natural result.


Causes / contributing factors

With time, the muscular contractions, repeating and intensifying, will imprint themselves on the skin, leaving resting wrinkles also called static wrinkles.


These wrinkles create real skin fractures and lead to the formation of deep furrows such as frown lines, forehead lines, crow's feet lines, and/or marionette lines.


Also, the increase in contraction forces will participate in the closure of certain aesthetic areas of the face. This is the case for the eyes which will close over time, due to the too intense contraction of the orbicular muscle of the eyes.
Other muscles will participate in the attraction of the face downwards. It is for example the action of the Depressor Anguli Oris muscle that will cause the labial commissure to fall, giving a sad look.


Other muscle areas will produce specific effects due to their basic contractile activities, such as the chin muscle, which causes an orange peel appearance, or the platysma muscle of the neck, which is responsible for the dewlap.


The botulinum toxin will act by relaxing the overly contracted muscle and will thus reduce the unsightly expression lines reinforced over time.

The botulinum toxin will make it possible to decrease the frown lines, forehead lines, crow's feet lines, and bunny lines to open and sublimate your glance.

In the lower part of the face, its use will act on the marionette lines and decrease the orange peel appearance of the chin and the dewlap of the neck to achieve a natural medical lifting effect by relaxing the lowering muscles of the lower face. This spectacular technique is called the Nefertiti Lift.

Subtle amounts of botulinum toxin placed in strategic areas of your face will achieve a harmonious result, avoiding any frozen and artificial appearance (often present in case of misuse, in too large and misplaced amounts of botulinum toxin).

CLEAGE doctors will adapt to the anatomy and curves of your face for personalized and customized treatment.

Botulinum toxin is practically systematically coupled with hyaluronic acid injection protocols for a perfect complementarity of treatment. This combination of injections will provide the most natural results.

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