Gummy Smile, Genève

Smile big with the gummy smile treatment

The gummy smile is present when a gum height greater than 3 mm is visible. It results in an unsightly red smile due to the visibility of the mucous membrane of the teeth.


The management of the gummy smile includes a combination of treatments (most often by injection) to immediately regain a harmonious and natural smile.


Causes / contributing factors

The gummy smile is almost always acquired from birth and is most often hereditary.

  • An elongated upper lip

The gummy smile very frequently presents a hyper contraction of the upper white lip, causing an impression of shortening and thus favoring the exposure of the gum.
The injection of botulinum toxin in the muscles causing this elevation will cause relaxation, lengthening the lip which will then cover the gum.


  • Surgical shortening

In case of a severe gummy smile, jaw impaction surgery will be recommended. Often associated with nasal respiratory discomfort, the gummy smile will be treated in association with nasal fossa treatment to reduce nasal obstruction.


  • Dental veneers

Dental crowns are lengthened using dental veneers. To carry out the treatment, part of the gum mucosa collar is removed.
It is therefore essential to have a gummy smile with short teeth to be able to treat it with dental veneers, as there is a risk of having teeth that are too long.

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