Drooping Nose Tip, Genève

Treat a drooping nose to regain the elegance of your face

The nose is a fundamental element in the harmony of the face. It is considered "beautiful" and balanced when it is fine, symmetrical, with a straight nasal edge, and without a bump.


From an artistic point of view, the tip of the nose is an integral part of the smile. It participates with the lips to the charm of the mouth. A change in the shape of the nasal tip will change the overall facial aesthetics.


CLEAGE doctors will bring you their know-how and expertise to sublimate your nose.


Causes / contributing factors

A drooping tip will hide the smile making the face look sadder. On the other hand, a tip that is too high, associated with nostrils that are too prominent, will be unattractive. For a balanced face, the tip of the nose should be located slightly in front of the tip of the chin, itself located slightly in front of the lower lip.


The nasolabial angle is indispensable in the aesthetics of the nasal tip. It consists of the meeting of two tangents: that of the Columella and that of the upper lip. It is between 110°-120° in women and 90°-100° in men.
We define a drooping tip when the nasolabial angle is closed and a turned-up nose tip when the angle is more open.


A drooping nose tip may be present from birth but is most often acquired during aging, seeming to lengthen the nose. A loss of projection is often observed progressively with advancing age, aggravated by the hyper contraction of the depressor septi nasi muscle, located at the base of the nose, which accentuates the drooping tip.


A median injection of a small amount of botulinum toxin will relax the depressor septi nasi, which is the muscle that lowers the tip of the nose. Its muscular relaxation by injection will therefore cause the tip to rise a few days after the session and will last on average 6 months.


Hyaluronic acid injections will be used for a non-surgical approach to the nose. The hyaluronic acid will be injected at the base of the nose to open the nasolabial angle and raise the tip. A small amount of hyaluronic acid may also be added directly to the tip to give it more projection. This extremely simple procedure is performed in 30 minutes at the CLEAGE center. The result will last an average of 1 year.


The choice of the different injection techniques or their combination will be made during the consultation with the CLEAGE center doctor, depending on your face and the characteristics of the nasal tip's fall.
The after-effects are minimal with almost no edema. Bruising may sometimes occur. The result is immediate, and the nose regains harmony instantly. However, it is advisable not to wear glasses in the following days and to avoid massaging or blowing your nose too strongly.


This procedure can be accompanied by treatment of the nasal hump if it is present.

Nasal injections of hyaluronic acid will sublimate your profile. They are part of the Profiloplastie's signature CLEAGE techniques.
Concomitant treatment of the lips, chin, or forehead can be considered at the same time to obtain a perfect profile.


In case of a too severe drooping tip, a surgical rhinoplasty will be preferred.


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