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Illuminate your eyes and gain visual comfort with the upper eyelid treatment

Over time, a loosening of the upper eyelids occurs, marked by the presence of loose skin. It will form a real upper fold creating a closed and heavy look that may eventually hinder vision in case of severe loosening of the upper eyelid.


Causes / contributing factors

The presence of loose upper eyelids is the consequence of two mechanisms: a progressive decline of the eyelid lift muscle and a loss of skin tone and elasticity.
It may be associated with a loosening lower eyelid or even the presence of bags under the eyes, aggravating the look.


The gaze is crucial in a strategy of aesthetic harmonization of the face. The treatment of the loosening upper eyelid is essential to obtain overall radiance and rejuvenation.



In case of severe upper eyelid loosening, blepharoplasty (light eyelid surgery) is the reference treatment to remove loosening upper eyelids. This procedure removes excess skin through a very discreet and camouflaged incision. It is a noble surgical procedure, of short duration without visible scarring and with very slight after-effects. The eyes regain their dynamism and the patient's sight is less obstructed.


In cases of mild to moderate loosening or for patients who do not wish to undergo surgery (which becomes unavoidable after a while), medical blepharoplasty is the ultimate solution. Using plasma technique PlexR or CO2 laser, the heat supplied will allow for a harmonious retraction of the upper eyelid without consequences.


These two techniques can be complemented later by botulinum toxin injections. They will raise the eyebrow and the upper eyelid with an injection along the lateral edge of the eyes, resulting in the relaxation of the orbicular muscle of the eye. This will facilitate the natural retraction of the upper eyelid.

The treatment of the upper eyelid with botulinum toxin allows at the same time the treatment of crow's feet wrinkles as well as the drooping of the eyebrow tail, due to the same injection sites. The results obtained by botulinum toxin injection last on average 5 to 6 months as all botulinum toxin injections and appear from the 3rd day.


Resorbable tensor threads is also an alternative treatment for the loosening upper eyelids, but it does not remove the excess of skin.


CLEAGE doctors will guide you towards the solution best suited to your face and your type of sagging for a perfect result.


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