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Rediscover a smooth and flat forehead with the treatment of the forehead hollow

The forehead is a key aesthetic area of the face. It plays a role in the look and expression and is essential for a perfect profile.

A forehead hollow is a known issue for some people, especially for men (due to the more prominent frontal sinuses).

CLEAGE aesthetic medicine provides a simple solution to this embarrassing issue.


Causes / contributing factors

A concavity, from birth or becoming more pronounced with age, may be present in the middle of the forehead leading to a break in the upper part of the face.


A very deep wrinkle may form in this area and may be difficult to treat because of the irregularity of the bone underneath.


An injection of hyaluronic acid using the "bolus" technique with a needle or a cannula topping can be used to harmoniously fill this concavity and obtain a regular and flat forehead.
The results are immediate but gradually become completely homogeneous 5 to 7 days after the injection. The forehead then regains a flat and regular appearance.

The session lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, to erase any forehead hollow.
The results of hyaluronic acid injections last on average 9 to 12 months in this area.


The wrinkle secondary to this concavity can be erased afterwards by botulinum toxin injections.


The treatment of the hollowed forehead is an integral part of the CLEAGE signature protocol of Profiloplasty. A treatment of the nose, lips or chin may be proposed to sublimate your profile.
In addition, a correction of the hollow temples may also be considered at the same time.

As with all injections, bruising may occur. A slight reactive oedema may appear for 48-72 hours, corresponding to the inflammation caused by the passage of the cannula or needle.
The treatment of this area is perfectly comfortable, due to the fact that a cannula is most often used (in order to limit bruising and achieve a homogeneous hyaluronic acid coating), and a local anaesthesia in the CLEAGE centre’s hyaluronic acid syringes.


The CLEAGE centre advises you to browse through the needs and solutions tabs of the site in order to have the most precise information on the choice of your treatment technique.


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