Fall of the eyebrow, Genève

Rediscover a radiant look with the eyebrow fall treatment.

The tail of the eyebrow corresponds to the lateral end of the eyebrow unlike the head of the eyebrow located towards the lion's wrinkle. The fall of the tail of the eyebrow, inexorable with time, is responsible for a tired and sad glance and an accentuation of the drop of the upper eyelid.

CLEAGE doctors will offer you different aesthetic medicine techniques to correct it.


Causes / contributing factors

The lowering of the eyebrow tail is due to a too intense contraction of the orbicular muscle of the eyes.

In addition, a localized loss of fat volume favours the drooping of the eyebrow tail.


Painless and precise injections of botulinum toxin at the level of the lowering muscle will raise the tail of the eyebrow in order to increase its horizontalization. The eyes regain their liveliness and radiance.
The results obtained by botulinum toxin injection last on average 5 to 6 months as with any botulinum toxin treatment and appear on average from the third day.


A very fine improvement in the volume of the eyebrows by injections of hyaluronic acid will make it possible to fill in the fat lost over time in the eyebrows. The duration of the hyaluronic acid injections is 6 to 9 months.
Thus, the combination of the two techniques will restore a radiant and natural look.


A global treatment of the look will be proposed to the patient including the treatment of crow's feet, dark circles, frown lines and forehead wrinkles.

A filling of the hollow temples, by injections of hyaluronic acid, will contribute to the horizontal support of the eyebrow, due to the common attachment points between this anatomical zone.


In addition, a natural improvement of the eyebrow's shape can be envisaged by a dermopigmentation technique, also called permanent make-up.


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