Drawing your eyebrows, Genève

Underline your look with the drawing of your eyebrows

The eyebrows are a crucial area of the face. Their shapes and positions promote a dynamic and youthful look. They bring an opening and participate in the expression of emotions. The eyebrows change with age, impacting the aesthetics of the eyes.

The CLEAGE centre’s subtle dermopigmentation techniques allow you to find a perfect definition of your eyebrows and a radiant look.

Causes / contributing factors

Over time, the eyebrow gradually loses its density and even reveals empty areas of hair, mainly due to the effect of repetitive uses of tweezers. In addition, imperfect eyebrow waxing results in imprecise shape and density of the eyebrow.

For all these reasons, patients are encouraged to redesign their eyebrows using makeup pencils. Eyebrow makeup must follow certain rules in order to avoid asymmetrical, imperfect and denatured eyebrows.


In order to save time in front of the mirror and to not be obliged to redraw your eyebrows every morning, the CLEAGE centre proposes permanent make-up (also called permanent tattoo or dermopigmentation) to obtain a perfect result. Permanent make-up allows to deposit non-mineralized and non-allergenic pigments of natural organic origin in the skin, to redraw certain zones in a non-definitive way. Due to the high quality of pigments, their colour will not change over time.

For a perfectly drawn eyebrow, three essential points are to be considered:

  • the head of the eyebrow (beginning of the eyebrow);
  • the body of the eyebrow;
  • the tail of the eyebrow.

These points will be followed and respected for the permanent make-up of the eyebrows. Thus, permanent makeup will make it possible to perfectly redesign your eyebrows, but also to fill in the gaps left by the frequent hair removal, to camouflage certain scars or to correct an asymmetry. The CLEAGE centre has assistants specialized in permanent make-up.

Redness and slight swelling are present for 48 to 72 hours and disappear spontaneously.
No sun exposure for 2 weeks and the application of a sunscreen are recommended after a permanent make-up session on the treated area.
The permanent make-up can also help to redraw the contour of the lips or supplement the make-up of the eyebrows by the permanent Eyeliner.

In case of a greater loss of hair density, the eyebrow graft makes it possible to re-densify and/or recreate hair.

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