Neck looseness, Genève

Remove the imprint of time on your neck

The appearance of the neck can betray the age of a person, especially when the person regularly maintains her or his face an unaesthetic discordance between the face and the neck appears.

The treatment of neck looseness is of capital importance in the overall aesthetic aspect of the person. CLEAGE doctors give it fundamental importance to regain total harmony.



Causes / contributing factors

Neck looseness appears following a loss of skin tone but also due to the hyper contraction of the main muscle of the neck called platysma, which creates the baleen plates also called platysmas cords.

This is commonly referred to as "turkey neck".


Sometimes, very apparent platysmas cords can be treated quickly and effectively with botulinum toxin injections.
3 days
after the injection session, relaxation and attenuation of these cords appear. The result lasts on average 6 months after any botulinum toxin injection.
Also, their relaxation will prevent the relaxation of the oval of the face, the platysma muscle attracting down the skin of the cheeks, and in directly participating in the overall relaxation. This way, only the facial elevating muscles will work, creating a natural plumped look to the face.


Superficial looseness of the skin (wrinkled appearance) can be treated with LUTRONIC's Genius radiofrequency.
A true reference treatment, LUTRONIC's Genius will stimulate the deep layers of the skin and lead to the natural production of elastin fiber, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to fight against fine wrinkles and thus restore the skin's total tonicity.
3 to 4 sessions spaced one month apart is enough to reduce loosening skin.
A slight redness, as well as slight edema, can be present for 48 hours and disappear spontaneously. The radiofrequency sessions will be carried 2 weeks apart from the botulinum toxin injections.


When too much looseness of the neck is observed, a surgical lifting treatment may be proposed. CLEAGE's signature lifting techniques will allow for a deep and gentle re-tensioning for a perfectly natural result.

An association with other treatments may be considered, such as hyaluronic acid injections to sublimate the oval of the face, the chin, or the mandibular angle. These injections will also help improve neck relaxation.

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