Jawline, Genève

Design a perfect oval with the Jawline treatment

The Jawline is the line highlighting the jaw, starting at the mandibular angle and ending at the chin. It participates in the definition of the oval of the face and is an absolute sign of youthfulness.

CLEAGE doctors will give you back an elegant and natural Jawline, notably thanks to hyaluronic acid injections.


Causes / contributing factors

With time, the skin becomes thinner and a greasy melting of several compartments of the face occurs. A global loosening of the face appears.

In its lower part, it leads to a decrease in the definition of the mandibular angle and the contours of the jaw, which will become one with the rest of the neck. Thus, the oval disappears completely, aggravated by the birth of the jowls.


However, a lack of jaw definition can also be present from an early age and can be corrected by injections of fillers.



The CLEAGE center's treatment of choice is injections of fillers such as hyaluronic acid or Radiesse.

The injections will be performed with a cannula by CLEAGE doctors to reshape the mandibular angle, to make your jaw more protuberant, and thus to regain a well-defined oval. The results are immediate for hyaluronic acid injections and last on average 9 months to 1 year.
The Radiesse will immediately redefine the jaw by its volume and, thanks to its tissue induction, will have an additional action on overall slackening and skin tone. Its duration of action is approximately 1 year and a half. The duration of the session is approximately 30 minutes.


The choice of the filling product will be made with the doctor during the consultation after an analysis of your face to find the most suitable treatment.
As with any injection, bruising may appear as well as transient edema, which will disappear spontaneously after a few days.
Both fillers contain local anesthetic (lidocaine) which makes the injection session perfectly comfortable, as do all CLEAGE center fillers.


Treatment of other areas is often necessary to sublimate the result of the Jawline such as treatment of cheekbones, tear through, or chin. These are part of CLEAGE's signature Contouring protocols for a harmonious and natural definition of your face.


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