60's, Genève

Enjoy your resplendent sixties

After the age of 60, a loss of volume of certain fatty compartments of the face is present, more or less intense depending on the person.

The precise analysis of the anatomy and structure of your face by CLEAGE doctors will help correct the negative effects of aging to obtain a natural result. The goal is not to make you look 20 again, but to live with a harmonious face.


Marked hollows can be observed such as the temples, the valley of tears, dark circles or even the cheeks. A fall of the cheekbones is almost systematically observed creating a global loosening of the face.
This loosening is responsible for heavy areas of the face such as, for example, the bulges of the naso-labial folds or the marionette’s lines.

The lips become thinner and lose their sensuality.

A loss of definition of the oval of the face and the jawline is very often observed blending the Jawline and the mandibular angle with the rest of the neck.

In addition, a hypercontraction of certain muscles of your face will close the eyes and lead to the formation of deep expression lines (frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet wrinkles) or the presence of downward pulling force on the face (fall of the corner, neck dewlap, orange peel chin).


Injections of hyaluronic acid and Radiesse will restore the middle third of the face (cheekbones, valley of tears) to its initial position and correct the hollows formed over time (temples, dark circles, cheeks, chin areas).

CLEAGE's signature Contouring and Profiloplasty techniques are often used to personalize the result with your facial morphology.
Subtle injections of the lips will redefine the hem to bring them back to life.

Muscle relaxation by botulinum toxin injections of certain areas will open the eyes and fight against the negative forces of the face.

A global approach of the different parts of your face is performed thanks to the expertise and know-how of CLEAGE doctors, for a perfectly natural and tailor-made result to sublimate your beauty.


The treatment of your skin and the aesthetic problems frequently encountered at this age such as sunspots, superficial loosening, rosacea, a rough complexion will be corrected by the combined use of several laser techniques (Spectra XT, Clarity II, Genius, LaseMD®, CO2), peeling and daily home use of reference active ingredients from ZO Skin Health, for a drastic improvement in your skin quality.

The Total Skin Solution signature protocol, using Genius radiofrequency to treat superficial wrinkles and LaseMD® to treat blemishes and skin irregularities, is often indicated for a complete treatment of your skin.

Aestetic surgery

CLEAGE center surgeons will also be able to refer the patient to certain surgical techniques.
In case of significant facial aging and severe loosening, lifting techniques using subtle know-how for a totally natural result will be indicated.
The CLEAGE surgical facelift is one of the center's emblematic interventions.

Regenerative medicine

The CLEAGE center positions itself as a reference and avant-garde center in regenerative medicine with the use of autologous stem cells (coming from the patient himself) that will allow a natural regeneration of your skin.

Plasmapheresis is a blood detoxification technique that eliminates molecules that are deleterious for our organism (toxins, heavy metals, microparticles, endocrine disruptors, alcohol, drugs).

The goal being to age in good health, these natural techniques will allow us to regain dynamism and physical freshness.

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