50's, Genève

Blossom the beauty of your 50th birthday

At age 50, hormonal changes occur and disrupt the functioning of the body. The signs of aging are set in in a durable way with more marked facial features and a decrease in the quality of the skin.

However, several aesthetic medicine solutions can be considered to reveal the beauty of your fiftieth birthday in a natural way.


Hyaluronic acid or Radiesse injections are often used by CLEAGE doctors to treat volume loss and overall facial loosening.

The treatment of the middle third of the face, particularly the cheekbones and the valley of tears, is one of the key points of any rejuvenation strategy. It will provide a natural and instant medical facelift.
The entire face benefits from a harmonious rejuvenation thanks to the replacement of volumes lost over time. The tensor effect obtained will reduce nasolabial folds or marionette’s lines. These can be further reduced later in the case of very deep wrinkles by additional injections of hyaluronic acid.

Treatment with botulinum toxin injections on the upper part of the face (frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet) will open up the eyes and make them look more radiant.

The lower part of the face can also be sublimated by injecting hyaluronic acid to improve the oval of the face, the chin and the mandibular angle.

The reduction by botulinum toxin (Nefertiti lift) of the strength of the face's lowering muscles that contract too much will slow down the negative effects of aging on the face.

The CLEAGE signature techniques of Contouring and Profiloplasty are often used during injection treatments.

A personalized treatment adapted to your facial morphology will be proposed to you by CLEAGE doctors in order to regain a balanced and harmonious face.


The quality of the skin can be improved by different laser techniques.
The Total Skin Solution, a technique composed of two lasers (GENIUS and LaseMD®) is one of the CLEAGE center's flagship treatments to treat all layers of the skin and thus improve tone, spots, dilated pores and fine lines.
Wrinkled skin will be corrected by a natural re-tensioning thanks to the Genius reference radio frequency. LaseMD® will restore evenness to the skin and improve facial skin tone.

All skin types and aesthetic dermatological disorders can be treated by the center's doctors (sunspots, melasma, rosacea, scars, superficial loosening) thanks to a state-of-the-art technical platform.

A professional cosmetology consultation will be personalized with ZO Skin Health's top-of-the-line products.

Aestetic surgery

CLEAGE's exclusive surgical lifting techniques will correct the overall loosening of the face. They can be performed under local or general anesthesia according to the patient's wishes and the advice of CLEAGE surgeons.
Treatments combining surgical liposuction and lipofilling techniques will refine the features of the silhouette and sublimate certain areas (cleavage lipofilling).

Regenerative medicine

CLEAGE's cutting-edge regenerative medicine techniques are very often used, in particular the use of autologous stem cells regenerating the skin of patients to fight against the effects of aging and strengthen it against external aggressions.
Plasmapheresis will detoxify the organism from harmful molecules (toxins, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, drugs, alcohol...) and restore lost vitality and dynamism.

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