40's, Genève

Show off your flamboyant forties

If the forties are the peak of maturity, personal and professional success, this period remains a marker of time on the face and body.


At the age of 40, an acceleration of the aging process of the face occurs.

A fatty melting appears giving rise to hollows (cheekbones, tear valleys, dark circles, naso-labial fold, cheeks...) and creating a deep loosening of the skin responsible for heavier and thicker areas (pouch under the eyes, jowls, naso-labial fold, marionette’s lines).
Injections of hyaluronic acid will rebalance this loss of volume and thus correct the overall loosening of the face.

CLEAGE doctors will redefine the contours of the face for an immediate radiant and natural result.
The objective is not to create too much volume increase, responsible for a swollen or puffy appearance, but to reharmonize a face. A personalized treatment will thus be carried out according to your face for a tailor-made result.

There is also a hypercontraction of certain facial muscles that close the eyes and pull the face down (face lowering muscles).
A relaxation of these muscles by botulinum toxin injections will open the eyes and reduce the lowering effect.

The CLEAGE doctors will thus attenuate frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet wrinkles, marionette’s line, orange peel chin and neck loosening.
The combination of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections during the same session is one of the best known and appreciated treatments at the CLEAGE center and is an essential step in the fight against aging.


Aging of the skin occurs characterized by the development of sunspots, rosacea or a parchment-like appearance of certain areas (sub-palpebral wrinkles, sun wrinkles, cheeks, neck).

The Total Skin Solution is the dermatological treatment of reference for a fast, effective and without continuation cutaneous rejuvenation. Composed of two latest laser technologies, this CLEAGE signature protocol will treat all layers of the skin.
The Genius radiofrequency will stimulate the deep layers of the skin for a natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin fibers leading to a newfound tonicity and firmness.
LaseMD® will correct dilated pores, sunspots and improve skin regularity (BabyGlow) in the superficial layers. Benefiting from the new technologies, very light after-effects with simple redness will be present for a few days (3 to 4 days depending on the intensity of the protocol), without crusts, burns or peeling.

For an immediate burst of radiance and without any follow-up before an evening out, the Hollywood Peel is the spectacular treatment for radiant skin.

Aestetic surgery

At the age of 40, the fatty areas become more pronounced and can be treated by surgical liposuction. The fat removed can then be re-injected in the cleavage for a natural breast augmentation, or in the buttocks to give a fuller figure or at the face to correct volume loss.

If surgery is not an option, CRISTAL cryolipolysis can be an alternative to lose fat, without any side-effects and without anesthesia.

In case of intense global loosening of the face, gentle surgical lifting techniques may be proposed.

Regenerative medicine

The CLEAGE center's cutting-edge regenerative medicine techniques are used to prevent and combat the various effects of aging. The use of autologous stem cells will make it possible to regenerate the patient's own tissues thanks to these immature cells.
Plasmapheresis will be used to detoxify particles that are deleterious and harmful to the body (heavy metals, alcohol, drugs, toxins...).

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