30's, Genève

Prevent the first signs of aging in your 30s

At the age of 30, the first signs of aging appear and are responsible for a tired look.

A decrease in certain volumes (cheekbones, dark circles, chin) is frequently observed, creating an initial loosening of the face that can be simply and effectively corrected.


Thanks to small quantities of hyaluronic acid injected at key points of the face, the result is instantaneous and without any follow-up.
Targeted treatments can also be undertaken to correct certain defects and sublimate the face.

Profiloplasty and Contouring techniques are very often proposed by CLEAGE doctors for a spectacular and natural result.
Treatments of the middle third of the face (cheekbones and valleys of tears) as well as work on the oval of the face (Jawline and chin) are generally considered during the consultation.

Too much contraction of certain muscles creating early expression lines (frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet wrinkles...) is often present at this age.
It is often useful to treat the upper part of the eyes with subtle injections of botulinum toxin. This is called "Baby Botox".
The relaxation of expression lines will prevent the permanent formation of wrinkles, secondary to a hypercontraction of certain muscles.


The first dermatological disorders also occur. The presence of pigmentary stains following repeated sun exposure can be observed, making the complexion look rough and pale.
The CLEAGE Signature skin protocols such as the Hollywood Peel or Baby Glow using Spectra XT and LaseMD® lasers will help restore a radiant, glowing complexion.

A slight wrinkle will form, causing jugular wrinkles or wrinkles under the lower eyelid to appear. They can be erased thanks to the Genius radiofrequency which will stimulate the natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin fibers.

Adult hormonal acne can be completely treated at the CLEAGE center in order to reduce acne flare-ups as well as after-effects (brown pigment spots, red vascular spots, trophic disorders).
A daily cosmetic maintenance with ZO Skin Health products will improve the quality of the skin over time and will perpetuate the results of lasers or peelings (3 Step Peel).

Aestetic surgery

Several surgical solutions are available at the CLEAGE center to meet the different needs of this age group (surgical rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, surgical liposuction, buttock augmentation...).

Regenerative medicine

Finally, regenerative medicine techniques will prevent accelerated facial aging with, in particular, Vampire Lift using PRP, blood detoxification by plasmapheresis technique or the use of autologous stem cells (from the patient himself).

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