20's, Genève

Sublimate the youth of your twenties

Synonymous of absolute youth, the twenties is the age when beauty reaches its peak. The face appears radiant, presenting beautiful volumes without skin slackening, with a toned and firm skin.

At this age, aesthetic medicine aims to sublimate the beauty of a face with minimal corrections and to maintain or regain flawless skin quality.


The increasing number of hyaluronic acid lips injections for young women is causing a problem, the lips volume is increased too much giving an artificial appearance.The cause of this is a poor choice of hyaluronic acid, poor technique and poor advice from practitioners.
The Glossy treatment by CLEAGE signature protocol is free of these defects and meets expectations by offering a well-developed expertise and a know-how required to regain full, pulpy lips.
A customized treatment adapted to the morphology of your face will be proposed to obtain a natural result.

Also, a correction of a few millimeters of the proportions of the face is often proposed by doctors.
The CLEAGE signature techniques of Profiloplasty to improve the profile (chin too short, thin lips, bump on the nose, hollow forehead...) or of Contouring to improve the contours (well defined cheekbones, jawline and mandibular angle highlighted...) will give a perfectly natural result.


Skin quality treatment is essential at this age to maintain a radiant face.

Chronic skin care with ZO Skin Health, the undisputed reference in professional cosmetology, will allow daily skin maintenance and effectively treat the most common dermatological problems (pigmentation spots, dilated pores, oily skin, dehydration).

The CLEAGE center recommends the Hydrafacial aesthetic treatment for a deep cleansing of the skin once a month. Composed of three phases (cleansing and exfoliation, extraction, hydration and protection), it gives the skin an immediate burst of radiance.
It can be coupled with microneedling techniques to provide additional hydration and tightening of pores.

Sometimes presenting later, acne can be treated at the CLEAGE cente. Acute inflammatory acne flare-ups as well as after-effects (scars, brown or red spots) are treated using laser techniques (Genius, Spectra XT, Lase MD, Clarity II) or peeling techniques (3 Step Peel, Easy TCA Pain Control).

For an immediate radiance boost with no after-effects, the Hollywood Peel Laser technique will give a radiant complexion, tightened pores, firmer skin, and a reduction in spots. The favorite treatment of celebrities in the USA before a ceremony, it is one of the absolute reference in dermatological treatments.

Aestetic surgery

Patients in their twenties may want to have cosmetic surgery.
Nose beautification by surgical rhinoplasty, breast augmentation (breast prosthesis, breast lipofilling) or buttock lipofilling are often considered.
CLEAGE surgeons will advise you on the most advanced surgical techniques to perform a tailor-made treatment and obtain a natural result.

Regenerative medicine

For natural skin stimulation, Vampire Lift is the technique of choice.
Using PRP (platelet concentrate from the patient's blood), the platelets will release growth factors that stimulate the skin cells, giving them vitality. These growth factors are a real cellular fuel that will ensure the skin's radiance, reduce redness and preserve its hydration and tone.

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