Dr. Ouri COHEN


Passionate about the artistic world, the performing arts, and the world of beauty, in particular, Dr. Ouri Cohen turned to medical studies with a complete training that revealed in him a certain sensitivity to the suffering and degradation of bodies.

From then on, marked by some harsh but necessary experiences and following an encounter that made him discover the emerging world of injections, he chose this path of well-being and launched himself among the pioneers of the practice, integrating the very first promotion of the National College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Concerned about autonomy, he set up his own business and built a loyal clientele thanks to his complete programs to stay slim and healthy. In addition to his specialized knowledge in the field of nutrition, he also developed several other techniques that quickly made him a key player in aesthetic medicine on the Lyon scene. Very quickly, the desire to create a real center designed as a sort of high-quality medical spa became apparent. In 2013, the project became a reality and CLEAGE opened its doors in Lyon, in the heart of the peninsula.

From 2012, Dr. Cohen also travels regularly to Switzerland, completes his training and diplomas, and gradually builds his reputation in Geneva. From 2018, his presence is weekly which inspires him to open a new and more complete CLEAGE center on the shores of Lake Geneva. With Dr. Lourdès Sagnard, whom he knew in Lyon, and his student turned partner, Dr. Pierre Bonetti, this new project will finally see the light of day at the dawn of 2020.

For Dr. Cohen, the CLEAGE signature is essentially oriented around well-being. His objective has always been the same: to make people "better". Attentive to all the new products that are being developed in this ever-changing environment, he explains that the important thing is the technician. He sees himself as a sculptor who draws the contours of a face or a body with a sure hand to make it as harmonious as possible. To meet his perpetual desire for beauty, he always keeps in mind the idea of a natural result. "If the intervention is not noticeable and does not disturb the look, it is that it is successful" he thus explains as a quasi-promise signed CLEAGE.

Diplomas and References :

. Doctor in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

. Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon.

. Graduate of the National College of Aesthetic Medicine.

. European inter-university diploma in medical lasers.

. Member of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

. Trainer in injection techniques.

. Referral doctor for various brands of laboratories




Passionate about photography and beauty wherever it can be expressed, Dr. Bonetti is specialized in aesthetic medicine.

According to him "everyone can be sublimated naturally and harmoniously".

An expert in injection techniques, lasers, and hair transplants, he applies this sensitivity and objective to each of his consultations.

Attracted by all the evolutions and new technologies that the medical world knows, Dr. Bonetti aims to gather the best of aesthetic medicine for his patients according to the latest international academic innovations.

At the CLEAGE clinic, he offers the most advanced and successful treatments to improve the appearance and well-being of everyone.

He emphasizes the CLEAGE values of performance, safety, and expertise in every treatment.

Dr. Bonetti attaches extreme importance to the relationship between the patient and the doctor and it is certainly this particular meeting point that will lead to a more advanced professional relationship with Dr. Ouri Cohen to make CLEAGE the reference center in medicine and cosmetics surgery.

Diplomas and References :

. University diploma of evaluation and control of injection and filling techniques in plastic surgery and dermatology, Paris

. Advanced training on skin restoration, OBAGI Skin Health Institute, Beverly Hills, USA

. University diploma on injection and filling techniques in plastic and maxillofacial surgery, Paris

. University diploma on physical agents in aesthetic medicine, Paris

. European inter-university diploma on the treatment of baldness

. National trainer for ZO Skin Health


Dr. Lourdès SAGNARD


Initially tempted by psychiatry but disappointed by her use of too many drugs, Dr. Lourdès Sagnard followed a general training in medicine and surgery at the University of Pamplona in Spain. Despite this comprehensive approach, her path has been oriented towards a search for all techniques capable of providing answers to her desire to improve the condition of her patients, both internally and externally.

She, therefore, trained in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, took a close interest in micronutrition, and then became a specialist in tensor threads. Later, she discovered the miracles of plasmapheresis and went to Russia to learn all the details of this unique system that filters out blood toxins, nanoparticles, and heavy metals. This first step in what is called regenerative medicine allowed her to meet a Mexican doctor whom she followed to his country to learn about stem cell injection, another extremely promising innovation.

Constantly on the lookout for new trends, with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Lourdès Sagnard became involved in the CLEAGE project, in which she recognized many of her values. Based in Lyon, she met Dr. Ouri Cohen, and very quickly, their agreement became obvious. When the opening of the Geneva address was announced, she did not hesitate to join the adventure, detecting a new field of opening for her work.

Deeply driven by the desire to respect the natural, the idea of bringing balance, harmony, serenity, and prosperity to her patients, Dr. Lourdès Sagnard is a considerable asset for the CLEAGE project as the quest for excellence seems to be her daily driving force. 

Diplomas and References :

. Graduate of the University of the Basque Country - Faculty of Medicine

. Graduate of the Claude BERNARD Lyon 1 University

. Graduate in medicine and surgery

. University diploma in acupuncture

. National Diploma in Homeopathic Therapeutics

. Member of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine A.F.M.E.

. Member of the SOMEREFS Society: "easy lift" notched threads

. Member of the Association of Homeopathic Medicine of Lyon




In the heart of Geneva, Switzerland, the CLEAGE clinic welcomes you to its luxurious center for aesthetic medicine and surgery. With its expert practitioners, its state-of-the-art technical platform and a know-how based on more than 20 years of experience, CLEAGE offers unique solutions in aesthetic medicine and surgery based on the latest international academic innovations. 

CLEAGE doctors provide comprehensive and personalized care with a quality of service that is reflected both in its facilities and equipment as well as in its didactic and educational approach with tailor-made advice and follow-up adapted to each individual.

CLEAGE is today a brand synonymous with excellence in aesthetic medicine. It has developed its own quality charter where practitioners who respect the same values can be found. 

Exchanges and sharing are part of their daily routine in order to constantly evolve and offer the best of medicine and cosmetic surgery for their patients. 







The philosophy

The Cleage method is a common philosophy that brings together practitioners who are experts in their fields. It is based on 3 fundamental principles 

  • Listening to the patient 

The CLEAGE philosophy is based on a permanent exchange with the patient in order to define a global aesthetic treatment while respecting the personality of each patient.

CLEAGE doctors strive to create a climate of active and benevolent listening to facilitate the patient's expression during each consultation. It is essential that patients be able to express their questions, concerns or preferences without forgetting to indicate their expectations and needs.

  • A tailor-made treatment

The CLEAGE center has doctors and surgeons who are experts in their fields and can respond to the patient's needs.

For each of the indications, CLEAGE doctors are committed to providing clear information on the products used and the treatments prescribed, as well as explaining the different steps and techniques used to obtain the best of aesthetic medicine. 

The CLEAGE clinic benefits from the most modern technologies ensuring results, comfort and safety for its patients. These values make CLEAGE an unavoidable reference.

  • Follow-up and continuity of care over time

CLEAGE wishes to accompany its patients over the long term. 

Tailor-made advice and personalized follow-up over time will ensure lasting results adapted to each patient.